Quest for the Best

JULY, 22nd / 2016



- Maple Street Photography
- Kathy Judson of Re/Max First Choice Realty
- CJ Contracting
VIP Donations by: Safeway

Maverick Judson
Katelyn Shortreed
John Dutton


Jonathon Price from 93.1 The Border

Grand Prize Sponsor
Fort Frances Dental Centre &
Emo Dental Clinic
Winner: Dr. Kimmie Ondo

1st Place Set 1
TD Canada Trust F.F. &
Ballan Furniture
Winner: Dylan Ossachuk

1st Place Set 2
ML Caron Electric
Winner: Dr. Kimmie Ondo

2nd Place Set 2
Super 8 Motel
Winner: Bryan Ribey

2nd Place Set 1
Good Impressions Printing
Winner: Ken Kellar

People’s Choice Set 2
George Armstrong Co.
Winner: Dave Miller

Dark Horse Award
Winner: Waylon Smith

Audience Response Award
DeGagné Construction
Winner: Adam Esselink

Band’s Choice Award
The Faculty
Winner: Dave Miller

Show Stopper Award
Baduik Equipment
Winner: Ted O'Flaherty

Rookie Award
Causeway Insurance
Winner: O.C.




The 2015 Quest for the Best was an absolute success and the Chamber of

Commerce would like to thank the following Businesses and Individuals...

Thank you to all our sponsors:

  • NCDS                                                                    A huge thank you to our awesome band, The Faculty, for all the time
  • ML Caron Electric                                                  and hard work they put into making this year's Quest such a big success.
  • Good Impressions Printing                                    To Jonathon Price from B93.1 The Border, a very heartfelt thank you for
  • Super 8 Motel                                                        being such an amazing Emcee for our event.
  • Holmlund Financial
  • George Armstrong Co.                                           A special thank you to Maverick Judson, Katherine Williams and Myron 
  • Causeway Insurance                                             Hawrylak for being our judges.  To all the contestants who participated 
  • DeGagne Construction Ltd.                                   this year we offer you a "Job Well Done" made it very difficult for 
  • Energy Fitness                                                       the judges to choose winners from such a talented group.  To everyone
  • The Faculty                                                            who volunteered during the venue we extend our gratitude and thanks.  

      Congratulations to the Winners of Quest for the Best 2015!!!!

      Grand Prize of $1000.00                                       Runner Up Award of $500.00

      Sponsored by: NCDS                                            Sponsored by: ML Caron Electric

      Winner: Katelyn Shortreed                                   Winner: Ken Kellar

      2nd Place Set 1 Award of $300.00                        2nd Place Set 2 Award of $300.00

      Sponsored by: Good Impressions Printing         Sponsored by: Super 8 Motel

      Winner: Kayla Lauzon                                            Winner: Bryan Ribey

      People's Choice Set 1 Award of $150.00              People's Choice Set 2 Award of $150.00

      Sponsored by: Holmlund Financial                      Sponsored by: George Armstrong Co.

      Winner: Mike Fraser & Ed Calder                          Winner: Bryan Ribey

      Rookie Award of $100.00                                      Audience Response Award of $250.00

      Sponsored by: Causeway Insurance                   Sponsored by: DeGagne Construction Ltd.

      Winner: Mitch Breton                                            Winner: Bryan Ribey

      Show Sponsor Award of $100.00                         Band's Choice Award of $200.00

      Sponsored by: Energy Fitness                             Sponsored by: The Faculty

      Winner: Dylan Ossachuk                                       Winner: Ryne Strachan



Thank you to our 2014 Sponsors:

  • B93.1 The Border
  • NCDS
  • DeGagne Construction Ltd.
  • Good Impressions Printing
  • Super 8
  • Holmlund Financial
  • George Armstrong Co.
  • Daryl's Custom Landscapes Ltd.
  • ML Caron Electric
  • Causeway General Insurance Brokers
  • La Place Rendez Vous Hotel
  • Ink Spotz Apparel+
  • Tompkins Hardware

 Thank you to our 2014 Judges:

  • Brittany Hayes
  • Diane Maxey
  • John Dutton

 Congratulations to all the Winner this Year!!

Charity Alverson:

Grand Prize - $1000

1st Place Set 2 - $500

Dylan Ossachuk:

1st Place set 2 - $500

Delio Rossi:

2nd Place Set 1- $300

Dark Horse Award - $250

Kristina Robertson:

2nd Place Set 2 - $300

People's Choice Set 2 - $150

Bryan Ribey:

Rookie Award - $100

Dennis Morrisseau:

Audience Response - $250

Joleigh Hayes:

People's Choice Set 1 - $150

McKenna Begin:

Show Sponsor - $100


Quest for the Best 2013:


Quest 2013 winner Mike McCaig

 Picture courtesy of NCDS