STEVE GUSHULAK Fort Frances General Supply, Owner/Manager 617 Mowat Ave., FF, ON P9A 1Z2
  TRAVIS GLOWASKY Studio Gibbous, Owner / Manager FF, ON  
  PAUL NOONAN La Place Rendez-Vous Owner 1201 Idylwild Drive, B2-RR2, FF, ON P9A3M3
  BOB HAMILTON Little Beaver Cultural Centre 1725 Colonization Rd. W, FF, ON P9A3V2
  CHARLEEN MALLORY Fort Frances, ON    
  WENDY BRUNETTA Town of Fort Frances 320 Portage Avenue, FF, ON P9A 3P9
  Vacant R.R.F.D.C.  
    601 Mowat Avenue, FF, ON P9A 1Z2
  Vacant Business Improvement Association  
    FF, ON P9A 
  Vacant Pwi-Di-Goo-Zing Ne-Yaa-Zhing Non Profit Advisory Services  
    FF, ON P9A 3M3
  Vacant Couchiching First Nations  
    FF, ON P9A 3M3
  LEANNE MOSE  M.N.D.M.F. 922 Scott Street, FF, ON P9A 1J4
*January 2015    




Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce
Executive, Finance & Personnel Jennifer Greenhalgh Paul Pirie Mike Canfield Mark Caron Jennifer Soderholm  
Government Relations  Jennifer Greenhalgh Angela Halvorsen Paul Pirie & Jane Gillon Marie Allan Jackie Lampi-Hughes
Jennifer Soderholm
Business & Community Expo Jennifer Soderholm Mark Caron Travis Glowasky Jennifer Greenhalgh Steve Gushulak  
By Law Review Committee  Paul Pirie Paul Noonan Jennifer Greenhalgh Mark Caron Jennifer Soderholm  
Events & Projects
(Quest for the Best, Business Awards, Business After Hours, Flower Project)
Jennifer Soderholm Travis Glowasky Inga Friesen Jenny Greenhalgh Paul Pirie  
Nominations Committee Mark Caron Jennifer Greenhalgh Paul Pirie Jennifer Soderholm    
Membership & Marketing Travis Glowasky Bob Hamilton Mark Caron Jennifer Greenhalgh Jennifer Soderholm  
BIA Board of Management Rep Jennifer Soderholm          
HOCP Representatives Jennifer Soderholm Bob Hamilton        
NOACC Representative Jennifer Greenhalgh          
OCC Representative Jennifer Greenhalgh